What does it mean to be a man nowadays? Our society is putting more question marks around the concept of masculinity, and the stereotype that was built by traditions and expectations. With the clothing line sissy, I took inspiration from the history of queer men. Queer men had no choice to live in the shadows and communicate their identity through secret messages. Even though we have come a long way in accepting queer identities, and different forms of what a man could be, there’s still a lot of pressure put on men to conform to gender norms.

With references to the handkerchief-code, the ‘gay language’ Polari but also Football typography and the Football stadium everything was photographed in, I wanted to show the suppression and the stereotypes that are put onto men. Symbolic references to the ‘man’ culture of drinking beer and watch sports is put in contrast with the feminine clothing pieces, and queer messages. I wanted to show all men experience a form of suppression and are taught to conform to what is deemed normal by society.

Photography and Film: Semmi Langehuizen
Photo Editing: Lynn Brands
Sound Design: Kov Korza (Tyas D’Hont and Bart van Veenendaal)
Modellen: L. van de Winkel - Akin James - Lennard Goossens
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