"A real man"
An assignment where we had to come up with a concept for a zine and design it in only two hours. We decided to do it about the harmful effects the patriarchy has on men and the toxic masculinity that it promotes.
Men are often told that they can't show emotions, or do certain jobs, or wear certain clothes or makeup, because "a real man" doesn't cry, doesn't wear nail polish or makeup or doesn't have a job in art.
We are here to break those stereotypes. A real man is WHATEVER you want it to be. Whether you play football or do ballet, whether you're in finance or in art, whether you wear makeup or not, whether you show emotions or not, whether you wear heals or sneakers whether you have tattoos or not, and a million other different things.
Be the man YOU want to be, not the man society tells you to be.
We also wanted to make a different format than the typical zine, so we put the different pages in a condom which you had to blow up & destroy to get the pages. This made it an interactive zine that you could put together in your own way!
Made in collaboration with:
Laurien Schrooten
Eva van de Sande
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