The dot is made for the project Afval=Landschap (Waste=Landscape). The goal of this project was to make art out of garbage and waste materials, which at the end would be shown in a exhibition of three weeks at Landgoed Gulbergen.

The magnitude of the hills inspired me to make an artwork of similar proportion. In this artwork the contrast between the waste material and the nature is magnified. Using a minimalistic graphical dot which is complementairy to the natural curviture of the landscape. The recycled agriculture plastic is in scharp contrast with the grass on the hill. This light weight material gets picked up by the wind, every breath of air results into  a wave of plastic. This way the unpredictability of the wind, which is a constant factor on the hill, is made visual and audible. The art work presents an intriguing image in that guides you in the movement of nature.

Material: Used Agriculture plastic.

Client: Landgoed Gulbergen
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