Every year the Jacques de Leeuw Foundation hands out the Jacques de Leeuw Price to two of the most talented graduation students from Fontys school of fine and performing arts. The price includes a fund for the student to start their career after graduating.

For the year 2019, Lynn Brands and i were asked to design the visual identity for the price. We started designing the poster in an intuitive and experimental way. Because interdisciplinairity is important for the academy we wanted to implify the idea of disciplines coming together. That’s why we took parts of every nominee from every study and made one image from those images.

All the portrets were made by us. Next to designing the poster, we also designed a programme booklet for the award ceremony, which includes a introduction to every nominee. 

Client: Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts
Nominees teaching catagory:
Sil van den Hout (Academy for Musiceducation)
Ruby Kieft (Academy for Theater)
Maaike Oldeboer (Academy for Danseducatie)
Jana Roovers (Academy for Visual Arts)

Nominees executive catagory:
Claire Adams (Academy of Music and Performing Arts)
Ali Clarke (Dance Academy)
Cal Courtney (Academy of Circus and Performance Art, ACaPA)
Laura Hoogenstraaten (Academy of Art, Communication and Design, ArtCoDe)
Carlota Lopez van de Logt (Rockacademie)
Natalie Salek (Academy voor Music- and Musicaltheather)
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