Data is becoming a bigger subject in our society, but not so much in our personal lives. Big company gather our personal data without us really realising in our day to day lives. In this project I started researching which data I could gather form the homosexual dating-app Grindr. In 2018 there were multiple articles released about a way to hack into Grindr. With this hack everybody would have the opportunity to locate someone who is using the app to the meter precise. In certain cultures where being homosexual is still punishable by law, autority figures use this hack to track and persecute people who use the app.

Even without the hack there is a lot of data you can get to on profiles of users. Data like; length, weigth, distance from you, name, other social media platforms and even when they were last tested on STI and their HIV-status. I took the data from, age, distance from me, type of profiel picture and type of message, to make a data visualisation. I choose to make a product that is compareble, visualy and in material, with that of a sextoy. This project a commentary on the way that the app is used, that mostly revolves around one-night-stands and how much data people are willing to give for that.
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