Seen on: Dutch Design Week 2019 - No More Sleep

Twenty years ago, it was almost impossible to imagine life with a mobile phone, while in this
day and age we can hardly imagine life without it. Through this device We receive of an endless stream of
information that fills our head and consumes our lives.
Can we stop this and put an end to all the likes, friend requests and recommendations?
What would the world look like without mobile phones? Would it really be so different from
the world we live in right now? What will happen in the next twenty years?

Disconnected researches the consequences, uncertainties and human emotional response of this
prospect, and questions: “How can we live without our mobile phone?”

Made by:
Tirza Goorhuis, Ruben Hornung, Sven Jeurgens, Lucas Scheepers, Laurien Schrooten, Alex van der Vegt, Emma van der Velden and Wout Peeters

With Thijs Bremmers and Niels Orens
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