A fashion reel celebrating the launch of Brand.
Styling by Wout Peeters featuring Refraction graduation serie.

A normal mirror shows you your true version of yourself, maybe even confronts you with that truth. But what if a mirror can show you a different version of that same truth? What do you recognize from the fragments in the mirror? What will happen when you see a version of yourself you didn’t think existed? Is that new version maybe the true you or just another part of your fragmented identity? Dare to look at yourself from a different perspective, maybe you’ll see yourself as a new person. - Wout Peeters

Sanne Klarenbeek
Nika Tuna
Designs and styling: Studio Wout Peeters
Produced by: Régilio van Teijlingen
Director of photography: Daan de Graaff
MUAH: Maud Klein Mentink
Gaffer / Focus: Chung Dha Lam
Best boy: Ralph Faro
Editor: Jeremy van der Pas
Colorist: Adeep Oberoi
Ground mirror: STUDIO Lara Bol
Directed by: Koen Revet

Thanks to: Budgetcam Rental
A film by Brand.
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