Wout Peeters is an ‘autonomous designer’. He creates work with a great fascination with this concept called ‘self’. Taking inspiration from fashion, he explores in different ways what identity can mean. Through a combination of textile and sculpture Wout Peeters creates work that sits between art and design.

2019 - DDW Exhibition: No More Sleep, Eindhoven.
2022 - Bric-à-Brac – Exhibition Graduation exhibition, Tilburg.
2022 - Springplank - Art Route, Utrecht, 2022
2022 - DDW - Exhibition: Plan-B Breaking Patterns, Eindhoven.
2022 - DDW - Exhibition: Class of ’22, Eindhoven.
2023 - Lesbiserables, Exhibition: De Nieuwe Vorst, tilburg.
2024 - Punch take over 'Pride is a protest' - Museum de Pont, Tilburg.
2024 - Kunst Podium-T Apprentice master programma, Tilburg.

2023 – “ik ben zijn” Clim Stoopen, interview and artwork.

Adres: Tilburg, the Netherlands
Email: Studiowoutpeeters@gmail.com
Phone: +31 6 34389032
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