Sex education nowadays is not what it should be, most of the time the students will be taught about pregnancies, STI’s and the change your body will go through in puberty. 
In these lessons there is barely space for the non scientific side of sex ed, with subjects like; sexual orientation, gender identity, the pleasure of sex and sex and the internet just to name a few. 
In this project I focussed on the subject sexual orientation and gender identity. How can we teach childeren these themes in a interactive, new and mostly fun way?

For this I decided to make a body suit which can be worn by the students to literally become somebody else for the day. The natural playfulness of childeren provides for a spontaneous and experimental interaction with the suit. 
The different components of the suit make it easier to explain the terms which the LGBTQ+ community identifies with. These components are inspired by the, in the community well know, GenderBread Person. All of this is put in to a wearable pieces of clothing and fabric objects which invites people to touch and play with it.

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